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Voice of Art - Migration Is Beautiful, Pt. 1

Meet powerhouse artist/activist Favianna Rodgriguez — a leading voice in the movement of artists raising awareness about U.S. immigration issues. Favianna is a co-founder of both Presente.org and Culture Strike, two groups pushing back against the wave of anti-immigrant rhetoric and legislation that has recently swept the nation. Pulitzer Prize winning author Jose Antonio Vargas explains the ironies of anti-immigration hysteria in a country founded by immigrants. Favianna participates in a visual campaign using the Monarch Butterfly as a symbol of the beauty and dignity of migrants.

Migration Is Beautiful, Pt. 2 http://bit.ly/TPUopR
Migration Is Beautiful, Pt. 3 http://bit.ly/10n5jMN
More Voice of Art here: http://bit.ly/NPJfj7


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    Yooo! I’m doing a music video for one of the groups, Shining Soul- featured in pt. 2. BOOST And watch!
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    Rethink immigration because to scapegoat people is the most SIMPLISTIC explanation to conceal the realities of greed, US...
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