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Check out i am OTHER’s premium YouTube channel about Thinkers, Innovators, and Outcasts. By celebrating creative pursuits of all kinds, we showcase the architects of global culture, music, fashion, and the arts.

In OTHER News With Mac Lethal

Comedic rapper Mac Lethal delivers the week’s top stories in his signature fast-rap style. The weekly series features videos that will touch on local, national, and global current events. Like a hip-hop “School House Rock,” Mac uses his individual approach to touch on topics as broad as the financial crisis and as specific as whether or not it is okay to use the word “gay in the vernacular (spoiler: it’s not okay).


Style Hunt is a global fashion series that views styles through an international lens. Kenya Hunt, Modmods Editor in Chief, and friends scout the streets of the world to see what creative locals are wearing and why. Style Hunt is an exploration of self-expression through fashion.

Awkward Black Girl

Awkward Black Girl is the brainchild of Issa Rae, a Stanford graduate who created the scripted comedy to test her theory that “we’re all awkward.” The quirky episode scenarios expand beyond African-American themes and include a wink to intimate awkward moments of all cultures worldwide. We’re all awkward in our own way; it’s natural.


Vancouver-based Nardwuar the Human Serviette, one of the most fascinating and well-respected voices in media today, brings his unique style of music journalism to the channel with exclusive interviews. He’s gained the highest level of acclaim for his extensive research and his interview questions always take celebrities by surprise.


Ever wonder what people are listening to on their headphones? Created and directed by artist/filmmaker RAE, StereoTypes tests assumptions about musical tastes based on physical appearance. With man on the street interviews in NYC by host Ryan Hall, the show hits various neighborhoods to discover how bias plays into preconceived notions of fellow New Yorkers.

Club Chrissie

Club Chrissie is a DIY fashion show that brings together designer Chrissie Miller’s eclectic group of friends from all walks of life and creative backgrounds. Join designers, artists, musicians and more in Chrissie’s downtown NYC clubhouse.

Voice of Art

Spurred by the social awakening we’re experiencing around the world, Voice of Art follows artists as they execute their own brand of activism by shining a light on their chosen social issue. Through carefully crafted events (concert, exhibition, or demonstration), these artists execute awareness campaigns to engage viewers in a global dialogue. The docu-style series is directed by ZS Grant.

OTHERS by Hypebeast

OTHERS by Hypebeast blends the OTHER philosophy with the global media platform Hypebeast.com and its contributions to today’s lifestyle and fashion landscape. The show features a range of tastemakers and influencers in various fields including fashion, film, and technology. The show celebrates the visionaries who work outside mainstream formulas and break barriers in their respective fields.


If you’re interested in the world of Pharrell, don’t miss these short clips from i am OTHER’s President. Everything from his favorite snacks to fashion must-haves—it’s a side of Pharrell you rarely get to see.