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The BGR Show - 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL550 with Magic Sky

The new Mercedes-Benz 2013 SL550 Roadster includes a retractible panoramic roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL, mbrace2 connected apps, remote vehicle access, and more cutting-edge technology that makes it a leader in it’s class even 60 years after it was first introduced.

The BGR Show - 9 Best Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

Pharrell’s resident techxpert Jonathan Geller shows us his favorite apps for the Android, iPhone and iPad. Find out why innovative apps like Paper by Fiftythree, 1Password, Path, Flipboard, HBO Go and more top Jonathan’s list. 

The BGR Show Apple’s iOS 6 First Look; Samsung Galaxy S III

An in-depth review of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S III Android smartphone, and a first look at Apple’s brand new mobile operating system iOS 6, which was unveiled earlier this week at WWDC 2012. Samsung’s Galaxy S III sports a custom version of Google’s OS that makes this Android smartphone smarter than ever before, and Apple’s iOS 6 update pushes the iPhone to a whole new level. But which company has the edge? Find out in this week’s episode of The BGR Show.

The BGR Show - Automating a $55 Million Mansion

The first ever episode of The BGR Show takes an in-depth look at the cutting-edge technology used to automate a $55 million estate in New Jersey. Over 2,000 lights, 48 TVs, 50 miles of wiring, 35 security cameras and hundreds of speakers combine to create a complex network that would be unmanageable if not for an incredible system that lets the owner control it all from a single touchscreen, computer, tablet or smartphone.

Nearly every electrical component in and around the mansion - including a waterfall that runs into an outdoor pool and the lighting surrounding a two-story indoor basketball court - is accessible and controllable from anywhere in the world. Of course not everyone has access to a system this expansive, so we also look at how you can automate and control your own home starting at just a few hundred dollars with the Nest thermostat, a Sonos system and AXIS IP cameras.