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OTHERS by Hypebeast - Freak City with Vally Girl and Justin Time 

Freak City is a multi level retail shop, music studio, art gallery, and old school/future hip hop fashion archive that is home to some of LA’s most legendary underground parties. Priding themselves on representing an underrated side of Los Angeles culture, owners Vally Girl and Justin Time talk about how they turned their creative space into a growing business that has attracted the likes of M.I.A., Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg and Gucci Mane. Watch more OTHERS by Hypebeast here: http://bit.ly/MnrEz1

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OTHERS by Hypebeast - Daniel Wu - From Architect to Actor

Berkeley-born actor Daniel Wu was destined to become an architect until an unexpected opportunity led him toward becoming one of Hong Kong’s biggest movie stars. With over sixty films under his belt, he has since channeled his creative passions and business sensibilities into becoming an entrepreneur. He now manages creative people like himself under Revolution Talent Management. Watch more OTHERS by Hypebeast here: http://bit.ly/MnrEz1

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OTHERS by Hypebeast - Hong Yi aka RED

Architect-artist Hong Yi (aka “RED”) is known for her use of unconventional mediums to portray iconic subjects. A portrait of Mark Zuckerberg made out of books and a portrait of Yao Ming made from a basketball are small examples of her unorthodox approach to art. YouTube videos of her creations have gone viral.

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OTHERS by Hypebeast - Willie Greene of We The Urban

Meet 18-year old Willie Greene of  WeTheUrban.com, one of the youngest Editor-in-Chiefs in history. We the Urban is the first ever Tumblr-to-print magazine, which caught the attention of Nicola Formichetti. Willie’s entrepreneurship took his vision from a fashion blog with 10 million views to a full-fledged magazine that has allowed him to rub elbows with some of the fashion world’s most iconic tastemakers including Anna Wintour. Ali Lohan graces the cover of the September 2013 issue. Watch more Hypebeast here: http://bit.ly/OTHERSbyHypebeast

Hypebeast - Kevin Poon of CLOT 

CLOT’s co-founder Kevin Poon shares his success in offering the public an accessible curation of his favorite items through brand-building. With two clothing brands JUICE and CLOT, along with marketing agency Social Capital and distribution company DISTRICT under his belt, Kevin Poon is living proof that with the right execution any small idea can fester into something grand.

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OTHERS by Hypebeast - VERBAL

Meet creative maestro VERBAL. Known for his MC skills in the J-pop duo m-flo, the bold designs from his accessories line AMBUSH and his work with the hip-hop group Teriyaki Boyz (a group which also includes A Bathing Ape’s founder Nigo), VERBAL can be instantly recognized by his unique and refined sense of style, as he continually create fascinating extensions of his personality. 

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OTHERS by Hypebeast - Mixing Up Styles with DJ Daruma of Crepeman

Tokyo’s DJ Daruma began rising in Tokyo’s hip-hop scene at age 15 as and teamed a dancer crew in the Digital Junkies crew. After taking an interest in house electronic music, he translated elements of the two musical genres into a Japanese fashion brand Roc Star before finally developing his defining brand Crepeman, a brand devoted to creating designs “for tomorrow.” 

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Photographer Tim McGurr aka “13th Witness” is a New York native, the son of legendary street artist Futura, and one of the most popular users on Instagram. Tim talks about how he turned his travels and love of city landscapes into a career. Watch more OTHERS by Hypebeast here: http://bit.ly/MnrEz1

OTHERS by Hypebeast - Firmament

Firmament is stocked with hard to find brands and special collaborations that owner Joerg Haas grew organically into one of Berlin’s top menswear stores. Haas walks us through the difficulties in building-up Firmament as a brand itself, the boutique’s vision, and why buying for the shop can sometimes be like betting on a horse. 

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