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StereoTypes - Racial Profiling and Guns

Stop and Frisk has been defended by the NYPD, saying it is an effective way of getting illegal guns off the streets. We talk about this controversial policy and gun control in general in this week’s episode of StereoTypes, shot months before the incident at Sandy Hook Elementary. The Nation is in mourning and now more than ever it’s important to explore these topics in light of the recent tragedy. We want to know your thoughts on the issues raised in this episode, please comment below to keep the conversation going. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families.

Watch more StereoTypes here: http://bit.ly/O0jE79

StereoTypes - To Vote or Not to Vote

Is it about partisanship or a politician that makes a connection? Are New Yorkers voting for Romney or Obama or not even voting at all?

Ryan Hall debates ‘we the people’ and talks all things 2012 Election.