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Voice of Art - Tax Dodgers, Pt 4

The Tax Dodgers visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame, where an exhibit featuring their jersey and 1% cap is on public display. Tom Shieber, the museum’s Senior Curator, puts the exhibit in context of the long historical use of baseball as a metaphor in social and political commentary.

Voice of Art - Tax Dodgers, Pt. 3

The Tax Dodgers play against the 99% team in Philadelphia, using baseball as a metaphor for the games played by big corporations. their bribery, rule changing and flat-out cheating get them arrested by Ray Lewis, (former) Philadelphia Police Captain. The Yes Men’s Andy Bichlbaum tells how creative activism can break under-reported stories through the mainstream media blockade.  

Voice of Art - The Tax Dodgers, Pt. 1

Gan Golan, street theater artist and co-author of best-sellers “Goodnight Bush” and “The Adventures of Unemployed Man,” leads a mock baseball team called “The Tax Dodgers.” Golan’s guerrilla art tactics developed through his student-activist years at MIT, battling the World Trade Organization in Cancun, Mexico, and eventually taking on powerful corporations alongside Occupy Wall Street.