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Pharrell Surprises Schoolchildren - HAPPY DAY

Visit http://24HoursOfHappiness.com to see how Pharrell + The UN Foundation celebrated the International Day Of Happiness with the rest of the world on March 20th. 

Take action to create a happier world for people everywhere. Click here to donate to the UN’s humanitarian efforts at http://bit.ly/HAPPYdonations

Pharrell surprises young schoolchildren with a message about what it means to be HAPPY. These students were working an original play called “Peace Love and Happiness” that included a finale of Pharrell’s song “Happy.” They made a video for Pharrell to let him know how happy they were, and he showed up personally to thank them.

"Door To The Arts" founded by Alina Trueba and Vivian Escribano provides after school programs in the arts. The Musical Theater and Drama class is taught by Rhea Dummett at St. John Neumann Catholic School in Miami. Door to Hearts http://www.doortothearts.org

Video directed by Katie Davidson

Watch more HAPPY videos here: http://bit.ly/HAPPYDAY