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StereoTypes Paris - Do the French Get a Bad Rap?

Why do people perpetuate stereotypes about French culture? Why are the French sometimes construed as being rude, arrogant, unclean, and anti-American? StereoTypes host Ryan Hall walks the streets of Paris to get opinions about prejudices French people face. Watch more StereoTypes here: http://bit.ly/O0jE79

OTHERS by Hypebeast - Trailer

This series features a range of tastemakers and influencers in various fields including fashion, film, and technology. The series blends i am OTHER’s philosophy with Hypebeast.com’s contributions to today’s lifestyle and fashion landscape, celebrating the visionaries who work outside mainstream formulas and break barriers in their respective fields.

Watch more Hypebeast here: http://bit.ly/OTHERSbyHypebeast

The BGR Show - Trailer

Hosted by tech guru Jonathan Geller, respected for his acclaimed website, bgr.com, The BGR Show is our secret weapon for informing the i am OTHER community on the latest tech news, gadgets, and reviews. Jonathan, aka “The Boy Genius” says, “It’s a show that focuses on the fact that technology is now present in practically every aspect of our lives, and we’ll dive deep into this idea during exciting segments with manufacturers, celebrities, personalities, executives and more.”