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Hypebeast - Kevin Poon of CLOT 

CLOT’s co-founder Kevin Poon shares his success in offering the public an accessible curation of his favorite items through brand-building. With two clothing brands JUICE and CLOT, along with marketing agency Social Capital and distribution company DISTRICT under his belt, Kevin Poon is living proof that with the right execution any small idea can fester into something grand.

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Style Hunt - Harlem Swag with Ryan Hall

Does Harlem own swag? Find out in our latest episode of Style Hunt, where we travel to New York’s 125th Street to see what people are wearing on the street. Hosted by “Stereotypes” frontman Ryan Hall, who calls uptown home. Created by Metro International’s style director Kenya Hunt, presented by ModMods.com

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Billionaire Boys Club Holiday 2012 Collection

Billionaire Boys Club roll out the 2012 Holiday collection with a trip to the great outdoors. Inspired by the colors of autumn, it’s time to hop in a 4x4 and escape the city for fresh country air and a weekend fishing trip. Corduroy and quilted shirts, wool coats, technical vests, cargo pants and fishing graphics